Dear Friends,

When I visited Momance this past October, I took a moment to reflect under the mango tree, the inspiration for our FoM logo. I observed parents gratefully walking their sons and daughters into the school gates; children proudly wearing their blue and white uniforms with polished shoes; teachers lovingly greeting their students with respect, and community volunteers preparing to cook lunch for the now 175+ students. People of all ages were making their way to the monthly medical/dental clinic.

This is a vastly different view from the impoverished village visited 7 years ago. The children were not able to attend school because of cost and distance to walk. The good news was the village leadership desperately wanted their children to have an opportunity for an education, and committed to do their share to support this effort.

With your generous support of time, money and prayers, and God’s blessing, the community’s dream is now coming to fruition!

Haiti and her people are strong, beautiful and resilient. Our vision for Momance is a community that is able to thrive with healthy and educated members. The work continues towards this goal, with supervision and accountability provided by the board.

Your support has made the difference, and we boldly ask you to continue your contributions of time, money, and prayers.

Thank you! — Belinda Crisman


Belinda Crisman
Drew Barber
Susan Cook
Dr. Paul Davis
Greta Giglio
Dr. Harold Latta
Priscilla Stockwell
Dr. Kirk Walker

Dr. Alan Crisman
Wadson Celestin
Laura Davis
Sara Dotson
Mike Giglio
Keith Grant
Joseph Mario Loremy
Dr. Chuck & Martha Sternbergh
Sandy Walker


The Dream is Coming True!

The security fence around the property and a gate at the entrance is complete.

Phase 4 is also complete. Two more classrooms were added this year so there are now 7 classrooms for
children aged 3-12.


537 medical and dental patients were treated! In 2018 Momance was blessed with monthly medical clinics; 2019 will bring monthly dental clinics as well.

The clinics are staffed by Haitian medical and dental professionals with support of U.S. personnel periodically.


Phase 4 - $23,000

Security Fence & Gate - $25,000

Medical & Dental Clinics - $7,200

Administration & Teachers - $16,200

Food, Uniform & Books - $12,400