No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.
-Charles Dickens


Joseph mario Loremy - Project Manager

Born and raised in Momance, Mario always had his eye on what could be. He worked hard to learn English and get a good education. Mario went on to Medical School in the Dominican Republic but was needed at home and not able to complete that program. He became a translator for medical teams and met and worked with many volunteers. After the 2010 Earthquake devastated his county, Mario, along with the other leaders of Momance, knew it was time for change and put together a plan for that. God spoke specifically to Mario, encouraging him to share his dream for a better future for his village. He had developed a good friendship with Dr. Alan Crisman and invited him and his wife to Momance to see his village and meet with the other leaders.


Wadson CELESTIN - School Principal

Wadson also grew up in Momance with his friend Mario. Their friendship proved to be beneficial as they challenged each other to learn more and speak better English. They both had a drive for education and improving Momance. Wadson is the Director of the school that is now in Momance (Les Pionniers de Momance). Wadson went to school at the Science of Development at Paodes University and studied Technology and English at the Haitian American Institute. He taught English for years before becoming Principal in Momance. 


Alan & Belinda Crisman - Founders & Volunteer Executive Director

As a Dentist, Alan has been coming to Haiti on Medical Mission trips since 2004. Mario Loremy, his translator, became a dear and trusted friend. After the 2010 Earthquake the leaders of Momance had put together a vision to improve the lives of the children and community. Mario was part of that group, and God laid on his heart to share this with Alan. In 2012 Alan and his wife, Belinda (an Elementary School Principal for 15 years), visited Momance where they first met the leaders and the beautiful people of this community. After some discussions and prayer, Alan & Belinda agreed to go back to the US and work on raising money and other needs to help the town of Momance. They reached out to others, and soon The Friends of Momance was formed. 

Tata - Community Leader

Tata is one of the leaders in the community and part of the group of people that put together the plan to improve Momance. She was born and raised in Momance, and has helped families here in any and every way she can. She was a Midwife and assisted in the birth of many. Her sprit and smile warm others and has a way of making others feel like they are a part of her family. 

Greta Giglio - Board Member

Greta joined the Crismans in Momance when they were first trying to get the school started. She is a teacher in the US, but also has a heart for the children of Haiti. She focuses on teaching the teachers of Les Pionniers de Momance and making sure they have what they need to help the little ones that come into the classroom. 

bibi - Community Leader

Bibi is one of the trusted town leaders. He was born and raised in Momance and has worked tirelessly for others in the community. He is one of the leaders that first came together after the earthquake when they put together the vision and plan for bettering the village of Momance. As Groundskeeper, Bibi is in charge of maintaining the grounds, he is the keeper of the keys, he works to maintain security and tends the garden at the school. He grows a lot of healthy food for the children to eat so they can have a hot and nourishing meal every day.


Priscilla Stockwell - Volunteer Medical/Dental Director

Priscilla is a Nurse Practitioner from Atlanta. She has worked in medical clinics in Haiti for many years. She and her husband Ken decided to help with the improvements of Momance from the very beginning. They and their church have supported the school, and they assisted in getting grants.


Board Members

The Board of Directors for Friends Of Momance is the governing body and work to maintain integrity throughout the process of improvement.

Drew Barber - Treasurer - Drew is a director at Mohawk Industries and resides in Chattanooga, TN.
Belinda Crisman - Chairman - Belinda is a retired elementary school principal.
Dr. Paul Davis - Paul is a dentist in Shepherdstown, WV.
Greta Giglio - Vice Chairman - Greta is a teacher from Ringgold, GA.
Dr. Harold Latta - Harold is a pediatrician in Winston-Salem, NC. 
Priscilla Stockwell - Priscilla is a nurse practitioner in Atlanta, GA. 
Dr. Kirk Walker - Kirk is a pediatrician in Kernersville, NC. 

The Advisory Board for Friends Of Momance provides non-binding, strategic advice.

Dr. Alan Crisman - Alan is a general dentist in Chattanooga, TN.
Wadson Celestin - Born and raised in Momance, Wadson is now the Principal of the school in Momance.
Susan Cook - Susan is a pediatric nurse in Kernersville, NC.
Laura Davis - Laura is an attorney in Shepherdstown, WV.
Sara Dotson - Sara is a graphic artist, photographer, and art teacher from Ringgold, GA.
Mike Giglio - Mike is an attorney from Ringgold, GA.
Keith Grant - Keith is an attorney in Chattanooga, TN.
Joseph Mario Loremy - Born and raised in Momance, Mario is now the onsite Director for Friends of Momance as well as a translator.
Dr. Chuck and Martha Sternbergh - Chuck is a retired neurosurgeon in Chattanooga, TN. He and Martha have lead many medical teams to Haiti.
Ken Stockwell - Ken is an engineer in Atlanta, GA.
Sandy Walker - Sandy is a CPA from Kernersville, NC.