Momance is a small village in Leogane, Haiti. The people of Momace faced many challenges on a daily basis. There was no well or running water, no electricity, poor living conditions, no school, and most were living on 2 dollars a day or less. In 2010 Leogane was the epicenter of a devastating earthquake which left thousands dead and much of the country reduced to rubble. As the dust settled, the village leaders of Momance gathered and put together a committee, which formed a vision for the future of Momance. They wanted a better place for their children and their community.

With prayer and diligence, these leaders worked to reach out to others.

God moved in the hearts of some volunteers who were in Haiti on different medical trips. These volunteers carried the vision for Momance home with them, shared it with others, and soon started Friends Of Momance. 

By the Fall of 2012 there was a well in Momance, and by 2013 Phase One of the construction was compete, with 2 classrooms, and school started!

There are now over 150 students in school, with 6 classrooms, a chapel, an office, and a playground. Each child also receives a hot lunch every day and a security fence was built. With the recent addition of the one day a month medical and dental clinics, we are now able to provide the children and their families with education, nutrition, and better health.

So much good change has happened in Momance, yet there are still some things greatly needed. 


Our prayer is for a self- sustaining community of Momance with empowered Haitian citizens making a positive difference in their community and world. 


To partner, educate, empower and enhance lives in Momance by helping to provide a quality education in an environment where nutritional and health care needs are met.


  • We are Rooted in Love, Strengthened in Faith & Overflowing with Thankfulness

  • Every person matters to God

  • Every person matters to us

  • All people shall be treated with respect and dignity

  • The elders/parents/leaders in the community are an integral part of decision-making 

  • We desire promotion of positive change and sustainability through partnerships

  • We are committed to relieve human suffering